Employment Authorization Document (EAD) for Asylees

You cannot apply for employment authorization at the same time when you file your asylum application. You may apply for permission to work 365 calendar days after filing the complete asylum application.

You may apply for work authorization while your asylum application is pending if the following are met:

  • You entered the United States lawfully on or after 08/25/2020 (limited exception if you entered unlawfully after that date)
  • For asylum applications filed on or after 08/25/2020, you filed your asylum application within one year of your last entry into the United States, an Asylum Officer determined you qualify for an exception to the one year filing deadline, or you are an Unaccompanied Minor Child (UAC)
  • No final decision has been made on your asylum application. In the event your asylum application is not approved by an Asylum Officer after your asylum interview and is referred to an immigration judge, this referral is not a final decision
  • At the time you filed for employment authorization, you must not have caused delay in your asylum application
  • If you appeared for your asylum interview or at your hearing in front of an immigration judge
  • You appeared for your biometric appointment and
  • You are not described under 8 C.F.R. § 208.7(a)(1)(iii)